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Memory Verses for January - May 2020

 ● Kindergarten
 ● Grades 1-4
 ● Grade 5

Prayer for our Teachers

The Latin root for the word education means to draw out, to bring forth, to lead into wisdom, to see the potential in something and develop it. As teachers, we have been strategically placed by God on the front lines for this next generation. Our calling, our vocations are not an accident. We have been purposefully placed in the life of each student in order to draw out their gifts.

So in those moments when pressures mount, when the not enough seems too big, when test scores and lesson plans seem to be more important, may we remember to turn to the One who has infused us with His Life. May remember we can rest with the One who sees our students as the individuals He created and who will give us eyes to see their true gift.

This morning, I saw glasses going on faces of teachers. BLUE Glasses which highlighted the true gifts and strengths in each student. This morning, you are being given glasses, but you are also being given blinders. Blinders that you choose to attach. Blinders that help you focus your attention where He is directing.

Lord, We thank you for sending us out as your ambassadors to this generation. To stand with them, to fight for them, to speak Your life into them, to see their gifts and draw them out. Thank you that for the next 180 days, we get to have access to their lives and we have the opportunity to make an impact that will shift their future. An ambassador reaches across cultures in challenging environments, they raise up and develop leaders. You are sending us out not as quiet lambs, but as roaring lions. Influencers, equipped to encounter a challenging culture, because our lives are infused with yours. Right now, we receive those glasses. Glasses that help us focus with your perspective and heart. Completely alter our sight so we see our students and colleagues like you do. We ask for words, for lives that model your life, your goodness & abundance. In a culture where weaknesses are highlighted, I ask you to give us the clarity and boldness to declare the more than enough and the abundance of situations. Increase our ability to rest in you. Increase our trust in you, let us run to You faster. Fulfill your promise to give us life in abundance, more than we expect, so we overflow.

Vision and Passion

Jesus is moving in this generation by stirring our young ones to know Him. He is releasing a fire of righteousness, purity, passion and love that burns in the hearts of our children. A generation called by God to know His Word, walk in His Spirit and to be released in their destinies even now. There is an army being ordained by God to shake the earth and establish His kingdom. We long to see every child know Jesus, walk in freedom, released to KNOW that they are called by the One who loves them more than they can imagine. Our time is now to be a synergy of generations moving together to see heaven manifest on earth.

“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth”

Psalm 127:3-4

Nursery (6 weeks – 2 years)

Our Nursery team loves to pour into our littlest members. With a nurturing and exciting environment, our children learn that they are loved, safe and each uniquely designed by Jesus. Our curriculum begins in our 1 year old room and continues into our 2 year old class as well. Each month these children learn a theme. For example: Jesus loves me! The activities, lessons and hands-on expressions of that month's focus on the chosen theme to reiterate with repetition and creativity so that our children can easily learn. When appropriate, our children also can access our outdoor playground and indoor large motor skills room.

Our Nursery rooms are located on the First Floor of the main building and ages are marked above each room door. We do move children on a “developmentally appropriate” scale so that each child is cared for and their needs are properly met.

Nursery Coordinator – Allison Pratt

Preschool (3 Years – PreK)

Preschool is such a fun group of amazing explorers and learners! Our team loves to pour into this group of children who are receptive to Jesus, hungry to learn, and eager to have a lot of fun at the same time. Each Sunday our children gather to have playtime, Bible story time, music/worship time, stations and hands-on activities, snacks and more. Each week every focus activity or discussion revolves around the Bible story of the day and the nugget of truth that Jesus is releasing over them. Our children have ears to hear and eyes to see Jesus. What a joy to see their hearts awaken to Him!
They have access to our outdoor playground and indoor large motor skills room as time and resources allow. The Preschool rooms are located on the First Floor of the main building and the ages are marked on the signs above the doors. As we always seek to benefit our children with the best care possible, they are moved to the various rooms based on a “developmentally appropriate” scale.

Preschool Coordinator – Judy Fisher
Preschool Coordinator - Kathy Stover

Elementary (Grades K-5)

Our Elementary Program has a variety of expressions and avenues for our children to engage in all that Jesus is doing in their lives. Every Sunday morning our Elementary gather together in Room 201 (upstairs) for Stations and social interaction. After that our children transition to our Worship time as they worship Jesus together, receive ministry, give through offering and prayer, as well as receive announcements and celebrate birthdays. From there children in Grades K & 5 go to their classrooms for the remainder of the Sunday morning service.

In Kindergarten, our children are taught key themes from the Bible – i.e. Fruit of the Spirit, Armor of God, etc. Their classroom is filled with fun, age appropriate hands-on activities, and discussion. Their classroom is Rooms 225 & 226 on the Second Floor of the main building.

In 5th Grade, our children are taught topical lessons based on a variety of themes. For example: Family Life, Church Life, Service, Purity, etc. All lessons are biblically based and our classroom encourages discussion, releasing the truth, and supporting one another as they discover who they are and who Jesus is calling them to be. Their classroom is Room 215 on the Second Floor of the main building.

Our 1st – 4th Graders engage in foundational truths about who Jesus is and who He has made them to be. We teach the stories and lessons in a large group format. Together we explore the Word, see what Jesus is highlighting to each one of us, and then activate and apply what we have learned. After the large group time, the children break out into classrooms by grade level for small group application. Classrooms are located on the second floor of the main building and are marked by grade.

Child Dedication

Twice a year we hold a corporate dedication for our parents and their children. It is a powerful time of declaring that our children are gifts from Jesus. For those who have never dedicated their children in our church before, there is a mandatory training class the Sunday before dedication.

A Dedication Application link will appear under the Forms heading on the left of your screen one month prior to the scheduled corporate dedication. Click on the link, complete and hand into the Children's Ministry Office, so your child’s certificate can be properly created. Please also submit or email a photo of your child or family to the Children’s Ministry Office at

Water Baptism

“We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life” (Romans 6:4).

Baptism is a powerful experience for our children and families. This does not have an age bracket on it, but rather is up to parents, their child and what Jesus is doing in the heart of each student. We preface every baptism with two classes explaining why we choose baptism and allow the children to make it personal in their walk with Jesus. We offer baptism for children at least once a year in our corporate service.

Ministry Team Training

All children in Grades 2-5 are eligible to participate on our Ministry Team. Our team members can serve on the Children’s Worship Team or as a Nursery/Preschool Helper (Grades 4-5 only).

Ministry Team Training is offered at least once a year. This is a great opportunity for our children to learn how to serve Jesus by serving others.

Join Our Team

Saying "yes" to Children’s Ministry means that you are impacting children’s eternal destinies for His glory. We are missing something if you are not a part of our team. From prep to teaching, we love hands-on help as we seek to meet the many needs of our children. If you would like to serve in Children’s Ministry, please take note of the following steps:

1. Click on Volunteer Application link under the Forms heading on the left of your screen.
2. Submit your application to the Children’s Ministry Office or via email to
3. The Children’s Ministry Office will arrange for you to have an interview with the Children’s Pastor.
4. As clearances are a statewide legislative mandate, please either bring copies of your clearances to your interview or click on the Clearance Application link under the Forms heading on the left of your screen. All volunteer clearances are processed at no cost to you.
5. Once all clearances are received, we will schedule you to serve within a rotation that works for you.

For any questions on this procedure, please contact our office at 717-761-2933 x157 or

Children's Ministry Staff

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