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Embracing Accusation Drama

Performed by the CCC Youth Drama Team.

Lost Father

Jordan and Cory Dandy performing "Lost Father" from their new album, Destinys Calling.

VBS 2017 Recap

A quick recap video from Children's VBS.

Father's Day 2017

Jordan on keyboard, Cory on guitar, and father Greg on tenor sax.

Good Friday 2017

A special presentation by the children to selebrate Good Friday.

Cents and Sensibility

The Bible is filled with practical (and beneficial) financial advice.

Question & Answer 1

What does it look like to live in His presence and be led by Him?

Question & Answer 2

Why do we receive our identity from the Father, and why the emphasis on the Father?

Question & Answer 3

How do we get the faith to know that with God all things are possible?

Question & Answer 4

Why do we value long term relationships of honesty and honor at Christ Community?

Question & Answer 5

How do we get from a place of knowing the truth to walking in the truth?

Pastor Dave's Testimony

It's Supernatural * Sid Roth

Sharing at Christian Life Assembly

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The Davey Bunch

The Keystone Staff

Volunteer 2009